Parking at Vaxholm

Long time parking in Vaxholm

During the summer, many people visit Vaxholm and it can be difficult to find parking, below are some of the nearest long-term car parks and Vaxholm City’s fees for parking.

NOTE, For parking on Rindövägen 3, you need to take the Road Ferry to Rindö. The road ferry runs around the clock, is free and it takes about 5-10 minutes to cross.

Permitted time to park, and fee
Rindövägen 3
$Free of charege 24 hours
Roddaregatan/Hamngatan 52
$5 Days, 30kr/hour, 500kr/1 Day
$5 days, 20kr/hour, 300kr/1 Day
$30 Days, 100kr/1 Day first 10 days, thereafter free of charge